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End Nuclear Weapons!

By Neilan D’souza The discovery of Nuclear energy was one of the greatest discoveries of mankind. Being able to produce so much energy from such a small source was truly a break through discovery. But as time went by and newer discoveries being made on how to maximize the effect of this energy along with […]

Flood In Pakistan

By Ashiknaz Khokhar (Human Rights Activist) Pakistan is facing massive flood due to moonsoon catastrophe since mid of June. More than 70% areas of Pakistan is affected with flood. Approximately 40 millions population affected by this flood and according to the data of National Disaster Management Authority Pakistan more than 1500 people died due to […]

Promoting Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue for Common Good: Challenges for Young Catholics in Indonesia

By Novita Sari ALL Forum with Pemuda Katolik Indonesia have organized an Online Course with the theme “Promoting Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue for the Common Good: Challenges for Catholic Young People in Indonesian Context.” This online course was carried out for 4 meetings with topics including Extremism of young people, globalization and the role of […]

ALL Forum Online Course for Pemuda Katolik – Indonesia

ALL Forum successfully completed 4 sessions of Online Course for members of Pemuda Katolik in Indonesia. The Online Course was lead by Fr.Heru Prakosa SJ with the main theme “Promoting Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue for Common Good: A Challenge for Catholic Youths in the Indonesian Context”. Week wise we dealt with ‘Youth extremism’ in the […]

ALL Forum Moving School Bangladesh 2022

In August 2022 ALL forum facilitated Moving School in Bangladesh with the theme theme “Youth for Interreligious/Intercultural Dialogue and Collaboration Promoting Religio-Cultural Pluralism for Public Good” along with Bangladesh Catholic Students Movement (BCSM) students. It was a very interesting experience to understand how Interreligious interactions take palace in communities, especially, among indigenous communities who have […]

Youth Today, Leader Tomorrow!

By Neilan Sylvester D’souza We all know that the 12th of August is celebrated as International Youth Day; around this time we also come across many slogans which shout that “Youth of today are leaders tomorrow”, “Youth are the face of Change”, “Young and active citizens of the country will take us to great heights”, […]