Experience On The Moving School Vietnam 2020

Moving School program is truly a useful and effective program for the young. It had not just brought about the new dimensions and diverse perspectives of the program, but also created the new values for the young. By joining the Moving School program, I got to be more familiar with the rhythm of life of the other countries, I saw the new ideas of the young were established, searched for ways to build and make them a reality. The program was organized from experience of reality to theories, from a micro view to a macro (broader) view, from individual issues to social problems. In summary, it is a mission and at the same time a challenge for the young to contribute to this changing world. Well, I think it is so appropriate to the young. Since they are the future of the Church, having a wide and open view of their time. They are ahead of the trends, knowing how to turn back to the right path and able to adjust well their steps. What I want to express is about the important role of the young in the modern world. They are suitable and have potentials to become leaders. Therefore, the Moving School is a useful program for future young leaders.


In general, I was so impressed with all the program’s sessions. However, I preferred a more experiential and realistic point of view. Therefore, I chose to come to the young people of Maisen Bistro. In there, I have heard the inspiring stories from them, the struggles of the managers, and a life direction that they have set for themselves. I loved those stories as they gave me the ideas for my own action plan. I have seen, understood, and felt the upstream and downstream of their hearts. They are the signs of perseverance, they know how to raise up the importance of their dignity and values, and make themselves inspiring. These qualities are the must-have in our generation, as we know what we need to do to contribute and make a better world for all of us.

What I learnt can be described through 3 main values. First thing first, it is Sympathy. Sympathy is the most important value during the program journey. Sympathy comes from listening, observing, and reflecting. When an issue is raised within the auditorium, the receiver has to image about the provided scene and his/her heart dominates the movement of the problem. If only the brain is used, it will be difficult to realized all perspectives, but if you put emotion into that scene, you will know that the perfection is necessary. The best emotion could be the Sympathy. Secondly, I want to talk about Sharing. We shared our views when we discussed a problem. The key to success is everyone giving their opinions, including the theory and life concepts. We have worked in contributing spirit and together we created conclusion for a problem. In general, sharing is essential for a group to come up with many ideas and keep harmony with each other. Commitment is the last value. Because when you have sympathy and sharing, you will realize more or less the role of young people in the modern life and you will immediately action because you want to do something. There will be countless jobs waiting for young people like us, when we are received so much, and commitment is a way for young people to go, lean on and give more. These are values I summarize during the program, and I will live with these values during the remain of my life.

The program has many strengths, which can be developed more. Instead of making it as a small program for small groups of young people, it can be expanded, to reach out more to the young people who have limited time or with less advantage geographically. Furthermore, sharing time is one aspect that could be added/ expanded. During the session and discussions, the allotted time for dialogue/conversations could become more effective and a potential for a powerful/ effective program. We also need a detailed handout, reading materials, or a summary of highlight of each session. Those materials can be a reminder for us not to forget or miss out the importance part of the program.



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