What We Feel on the Eve of the One-Year Anniversary of the Military Coup

By Joseph Thang Ki

We are very worried because the suffering of the people even after one year after the military coup is growing enormously. The lives of our people is like walking the path of suffering. It was transformed from a beautiful garden of Eden into a Calvary massacre. Some Church leaders are with the people and trying to provide humanitarian assistance as well as urging all parties concerned to follow the path of peace and reconciliation but Majority of Church leaders still remain silent and that’s why the faithful in Myanmar are not very much satisfied with them and are questioning the stand of Catholic Church Leaders on the suffering people of Myanmar.

Actually we are in an unacceptable situation. People’s lives have been devastated by intense conflict and devastation. Towns, Villages and houses are often burnt down by the military. According to the World Food Program (WFP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) the number of refugees has risen to 300,000 and that around a million innocent people are finding it difficult to get even the basic needs such as food because the whole country is really at war.

Even the Churches were bombed and destroyed. The number of refugees in the Christian- majority areas such as Chin state and Kaya state and some regions of Mandalay and Sagaing has also increased significantly. The people of Myanmar are going through a life of destruction as all unjust violence is happening day to day.



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