Towards Human Fraternity

By Neilan D’souza

Dear Readers, in commemoration of the International Day of Human Fraternity and World Day of Social Justice ALL Forum intends to publish this issue of E-Newsletter by strongly emphasising that Human Fraternity is crucial to establish peace, harmony and justice throughout the world.

This New Year 2022 already seems to be headed down a path of jeopardy. Serious political tensions arising around the world involving super powers aligning troops on the brink of war between Russia and Ukraine, North Korea resuming testing of Nuclear missiles and advancement of destructive machines, Uyghur crisis, China – Taiwan conflict, Myanmar Military crisis and numerous conflicts taking place elsewhere.

Alongside these tensions we are also living our daily lives with growing gaps between people of various faiths mainly due to political propaganda, fundamentalism and religious extremism, all polluting good teachings of every religion and its pluralistic ways of living in harmony. It is very sad that in modern times where knowledge, communication, technology and infrastructure has advanced to its highest point than ever before we have regressed to selfish and fundamentailstic practices, being concerned only about ourself and those who belong to our own faith.

We need to ask ourself how we could come out of this and move towards achieving Human Fraternity. How we must learn to respect and accept our neighbours the way Christ has taught us and how we must build a fraternal society by bringing together believers of all faiths and practice the core teachings which is to: care for creation, being inclusive, spreading harmony, being restorative and practicing peace.

As we commemorate the International Day of Human Fraternity, let us commit to do more to promote cultural and religious tolerance, understanding and dialogue.”

António Guterres
UN Secretary-General



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