Active Youth Group (Pakistan) Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

Active Youth Group (Pakistan) Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

Active Youth Group conducted different events in reference to celebrate International Women’s Day. The purpose of these events was to give awareness to women’s rights and to talk on different problems they face. This year in Pakistan and especially in Punjab, this day was celebrated with more zeal but one thing to underline is very important that this year much more people opposed to celebrate this day too.

One side the media of Pakistan was eagerly showing the efforts and desires of people to empower the women, on the other hand on the same media many popular journalists were opposing the Woman March. Pakistan is one of those countries in which there is the violence against women, they are killed at the name of izat (honour killing), they are deprived of education, and millions are lack of the National Identity Card (otherwise the family is obliged to share their inheritance with them). Pakistan is on the top of the list in underage marriages and highest death rate during maternity. Breast cancer and tuberculosis is very common in Pakistani women because of improper nutrition. Despite all these issues, there are many government institutions in Pakistan which are the hope and consolation for women.

On 7th March women’s Conference was arranged, in which all the representatives of Christians of all around the Sahiwal were present, the teachers, the advocates, students, religious leaders, workers, home based domestics, professional women, illiterate ladies, house wives and all different back ground representation was there. The theme of this get-together was to make them special in society and aware of how and on which platform make their voice be heard.

To show the efforts of the Vatican for the promotion of women, the photo of Sr. Nathalie Becquart (Nathalie Becquart is a French Catholic religious sister and member of the Congregation of Xavières. She was appointed a consultor to the Synod of Bishops of the Catholic Church in 2019 and named one of its undersecretaries in 2021.) was put on the banner of this event. Rev. Fr. Zahid Augustine OP, the parish priest and the Dominican School Missionary Sisters were also present for this event.

Most beautiful of thing of this event that females performed the cultural dance and performed publicly on stage with young girls. We invited women from villages and different part of the district to join the event which was held in parish school hall.

We awarded two brave ladies with souvenirs award who are active in society for promotion of women’s right and also challenging male society to give rights to women. One lady (Shamsa Anwar) is law graduate and practicing as high court lawyer and other (Shagufta Noel) one is Young Christian Nurses association president in Pakistan. Both are inspiration for others ladies as we have very low average of education within females and rarely they have chances to come out from their own home.

As Christians and Hindu minor girls are kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam so our focus was to save our minor girls. According to a data, more than 1000 girls of Christians and Hindus are forcibly converted after converting. These ratios are going high every year as we are finding attacks on churches and worship places of other non muslim believers.

Through these events, we strengthen the voices for positive change within church and put first the stance of our 5 points agenda. We gave voice to females to ask questions and let them aware about their rights and realize them to not tolerate with violence and torture. How to report them in police station and regarding institutions. Misogyny is also taking lead here as there is trend on twitter in Pakistan after women march attack that religious leaders putting blasphemous blames to these women rights activist.