The New Perspectives

The New Perspectives

By Anna Mitzi

It was my first time to join a course or even to discuss about the documents of Vatican II. I read the bible rarely and too lazy to read Vatican documents. I say that I was sceptical about the Vatican. Somehow, I thought that the Vatican or church can never be brave enough to make a statement or perhaps take action about the issues that are actually going on this world; gender issues for example. But, for the past two years maybe its not the Vatican who’s not brave enough rather myself who blindly did not see the Vatican’s actions; and their actions lay between words on the Vatican documents.
The first time when I joined the course, I was completely confused and lost during the discussions. My knowledge about the history of the Vatican or church is really poor. But that’s what made me more curious about how exactly the church is looking at the global issues and where actually the churches stand is.

During the discussions in the session, my I always thought it would be easier if the Pope could make a “mandatory” or doctrine, in order to make a global movement. But…the change is never easy isn’t it? And for hundreds of years the church has survived, it actually has changed from the early church. And it turns out that the gospel is dynamic, it moves. The system or the way church represents to the world has slowly changed. I realize that it is really hard for churches to make a very clear statement on where they stand. Why? Because there’s an impact from political or cultural issues. The church needs to embrace all the circles, whether it is conservative or progressive; whether it is pros or cons, agree or disagree. The Church needs to embrace all the circles based on humanity. Just because you disagree on something that doesn’t mean you are not valued. So, in my perspective that way one could interpret the Vatican documents and form it into actions in the society, which is most important rather than debating about The Pope statements about the global issues.perspective was changing a little bit.

And maybe that’s why Vatican II changed the way of its communication. The Church can no longer wait for people to come to church but the church needs to be present at the center in society and so it becomes easier for lay people and the world to recognize the existence of the church. But how could we make this existence possible to see? My simply answer is by ‘Us’.

I must say that we are the church. We are the face of the church, the form of the reign of God and the voices of the world. Once in my discussion during the course I said that church is like a body. Every single creature is a part of it. The brain can’t work by itself; it needs blood which carries the oxygen from the heart and the body cannot move by itself without the system of the brain. There cannot be just clergy or just lay people even the nature is a part of it. It means that the clergy needs lay people to serve and the opposite too, we need to serve the nature to give back what we take from it. And that’s what makes the church become more adaptive through the world changes.

The next question that comes to my mind is what is the benefit if we (Us) become the ‘agent of change’ of the church? In my vision the world that we’ve been living could be a better place than now. I do believe that anyone who is reading my writing right now, has a vision, an idea of how the world is supposed to be. It cannot be denied that the church always becomes a big part that witnesses and even impacts the global movements. Hence, I do believe that if The Church can hear us then the world can hear us too.