Special Online Course for CST on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the “Justice in the World”

Special Online Course for CST on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the “Justice in the World”

Woori (Our) Theology Institute based in Seoul, S. Korea, has been providing a “special online course for Catholic Social Teachings” on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the worldy known document called “Justice in the World” (1971) since last April.

Some 30 of women Religious, priests and lay leaders have since joined. The Second Vatican Council (1965) and “On Development of Peoples”(Populorum Progressio, 1967), which followed, directly influenced the church’s recognition of justice and peace as if it is just one concept of “justice-peace.” Populorum progressio is an encyclical written by Pope Paul VI on the topic of “the development of peoples” and that the economy of the world should serve mankind and not just the few. It was released on 26 March 1967.

Similarly, “Justice in the World” (1971) raised the important issue of justice by proclaiming the following: “Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel,..” (no. 6). The final document of the 2nd world bishops’ synod in 1971, at the same time, is a very important social doctrine that states that “Christian love of neighbor and justice cannot be separated.” (no. 34).

It is meaningful and timely to hold a lecture to mark the 50th anniversary of its publication and reflect on and study the significance of the document. However, it is expected that by studying Pope Francis’ recent literature “All Brothers” (2020) and “Human Fraternity” (2019), which was jointly published by Pope Francis and Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayyeb, made the former possible to produce.

The inductive methodology of “Justice in the World” can be interpreted more abundantly according to the current situation we are facing in each country.