Demanding better Politics, Dialogue & Friendship

Demanding better Politics, Dialogue & Friendship

By Neilan D’souza

Today there are about 7 billion people in this world. Our globalised civilization has arrived at the pinnacle of innovation in academics, research, medicine, technology and science ever since we were created. Our economies have grown richer than ever before and our countries stronger than ever before. Although, in contrast we have still failed to establish necessary care, protection and policy to those vulnerable and those who deserve it the most.

Politics today is often taking forms hindering progress towards creating a better world. Misuse of power, corruption everywhere, disregard for the law, war crimes and inefficiency by our Governments and political leaders has given rise to so much instability and unrest among the commoners. The word ‘Politics’ itself has become a distasteful word for many people today, due to the mistakes, inefficiency and corrupt practices by many of our politicians.

The value and power of Dialogue must never be undermined. As Pope Francis mentions in his latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti ‘Approaching, speaking, listening, looking at, coming to know and understand one another, and to find common ground: all these things are summed up in one word “dialogue”. If we want to encounter and help one another, we have to dialogue.’ It is only through dialogue that we can build bridges over walls and fix the misunderstandings amongst communities. We must create spaces for constructive dialogue to take place so that better relations can be developed among the troubled communities to overcome past differences and foster lasting friendships.

We must not ignore and be negligent to the wrong doings of our community leaders and governments. As Christians it is our righteous duty to join the many voices and demand for better politics and take initiatives to grow our voices in solidarity to demand better policy and uphold what is right.

Therefore, in this month’s issue of the E-Newsletter we invite our readers to experience the various efforts and approaches by our networks and partners in Demanding better Politics, Dialogue & Friendship in this world.