“Mother Earth Mourning”to respond Japan’s plan on nuclear waste

“Mother Earth Mourning” to respond Japan’s plan on nuclear waste

organised by IMCS Pax Romana Asia Pacific

International Movement of Catholic Students Asia Pacific invites you to join a Webinar with the theme “Mother Earth Mourning” to respond on Japan’s plan on nuclear waste.

According to reports, On March 2011, Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant was leaked, and the cooling system of the nuclear power plant was also damaged. This radioactive nuclear waste has flowed into surrounding sewers with rainwater, and even into the Pacific Ocean. However, Japan’s TEPCO said that although the concentration of radioactive material leaked was high, it had been found through testing of radioactive substances in the surrounding sewers and bays that it did not increase significantly, meaning that even if it was leaked, it would not pollute the environment at all. Is it that true? Let’s join the webinar and discuss..,

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