ALL Forum Moving School in Philippines 2022

ALL Forum is organising a Special Seminar on Empowerment for Laity in Philippines with the theme Community Building Facilitated by Synodality, Agape Celebration of Eucharist and Adult Faith Development at the Angels’ Hills Retreat and Formation Centre in Tagaytay, Philippines from the 17th until 21st of October 2022.

Moving School Philippines will be a contextual program involving Lay Pastoral Workers, Youth Leaders, IP Community Leaders, NGO Activists and Lay Leaders from across the Philippines. The participants will spend 5 days engaging in workshops such as “Empowering Laity by Building Communities in Synodal Process for the Rapidly Changing World”; “Empowering Laity by Promoting Synodal Church for the World”; “Agape Celebrations, an Alternative Way of Celebrating Eucharist in the Absence of a Priest – I & II”; “Adult Faith Development” to Support SCCs or BHCs according to Stages of Person’s Life Cycle”. Registrations are still open, interested participants from the Philippines can Register themselves using the following G-Form Link: Click Here

Participant Criteria:

1. Age criteria: No age limit.

2. Particular background or area of involvement: Lay pastoral workers or those involved in FBOs or NGOs.

3. Registration fee: None

4. Language: Must be able to understand English at least. – Sessions will be in English*

5. Travel expense: Should be taken care of by Individuals themselves or their sending organizations