My Reflection on Laudato Si : Care for our common home

My Reflection on Laudato Si : Care for our common home

By Merry Adriana

Here I was, on my second session of the online course. Although I had to struggle with my internet connection, which always sent me out of the webinar many times. Beside that, I couldn’t open my video so I only followed the course by listening. But it’s all right, I tried my best to follow and to listen the course carefully. I think it’s good also for my eyes. By closing my eyes I listened and plunged  myself in the  encyclical letter Laudato Si, care for our common home.

The Holy Father in this encyclical reminds us to consider our Mother Earth, so that she may continue to sustain us.  When God created man and other creatures (Genesis 1:26-30) He saw that all were good and beautiful.  He gave man the responsibility to take good care of what is around us, so we may live peacefully on this beautiful earth,  as we are all connected with each other and with the whole nature,  But, instead of protecting her we have come to see ourselves as lords and masters, who entitled to plunder her without control or limit. It seems we have forgotten that there are future generations, who will also need Mother Earth’s care. Nature is like a magnificent book, in which God speaks to us and grant us a glimpse of His infinite beauty and goodness. So, we have to pay attention  the message of the Holy Father and take good care of our common home, so that generations yet to come can experience that beauty which God was so proud of when He created this world and entrusted it to the care of man.

St. Francis of Assisi was very much aware of this. He wrote the Canticle of Creatures, so that every generation singing it, could be reminded of God’s beauty in every creature, big or small.  St. Francis also told us that if we no longer speak the language of fraternity and beauty in our relationship with the world, then our attitude will be like consumers and exploiters who are unable to set limits to our immediate needs. We become very greedy.  Actually we should  realize that when we hurt the Earth, we also hurt the poor, we cannot attend to the poor people without dealing with some of the root causes of poverty like the destruction of the environment.  Surely we can’t just stand and watch ourselves and other living things die if there is something we can do. We just all have to try to change our ways to help the environment and ourselves. Many people are now working out ways that are likely to help our environment. What differences are you and I making?

We should not think that our efforts – even our small gestures – don’t matter. We only need few courageous persons to take the initiative and the rest would see the sense and pick it up. We all need to have faith and strong belief that it is possible to bring about changes and arrest environmental destruction. Let us all be lovers of nature like St. Francis and let us give heed to the message of Pope Francis in his encyclical letter “ Laudato Si”  on care of our common home. Start small from the corner you are in and the change will be infectious.

ALL Forum Successfully Completed its Online Course on Major Documents of Pope Francis for Indonesian Participants

ALL Forum Successfully Completed its Online Course on Major Documents of Pope Francis for Indonesian Participants

The Online Couse by ALL Forum with the topic ‘Major Documents of Pope Francis’ lead by Dr.Paul Hwang and organised specially for Indonesian participants came to an end after 4 interesting and informative sessions. We had started in the first session in the 1st week of July with ‘Evangeli Gaudium’, the 2nd week with second session on ‘Laudato Si ‘, the third week’s session on ‘Gaudete et Exsultate’ and concluded with the 4th week’s session on ‘Fratelli Tutti’.

All in all it was an inspiring and informative session with around 145 participants who joined us multiple times during the 4 session course. Due to the high volume of interested participants who joined in this course, ALL Forum had to divide the participants into two groups (batches), which made it more effective for the learners to participate in discussions during the course.

What made this course more easier for the Indonesian particpants was the inclusion of Language Interpreters during the course. Since English is not a popular vernacular in Indonesia, introducing language interpreters to interpret the session from English to Bahasa Indonesia immensely helped the learners understand the material of the course better.

The recorded lectures of the entire 4 part course is readily available on our own YouTube Channel and the resource material on our website (Archive/Files section) which can be visited anytime for informative purposes and reference. We invite our readers to make use of these readily available resources.

Starting next week ALL Forum will be organising two more weeks of Online Course with the topic
‘Basic Understanding of Church Teachings’ covering areas such as “God and Faith”, Document of Vatican II on Divine Revelation (the Bible, Dei Verbum), “Incarnation and Trinity”, and “Pascal Mystery” .