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Peace is Possible

By: Neilan D’Souza

Dear Readers, Firstly i would like to wish you all warm regards and best compliments of the season. The past year has been a very difficult year for each one of us. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic a lot of suffering, abuse, discrimination and oppression took place. Millions of innocent people lost their lives either due to illness, natural calamity or catastrophic political/social systems.

We dedicate this month to remind ourselves of all the losses which we have bared, of all the issues and problems which we have strived through, caused or remained silent about; and mainly of all the people whom we have lost.

We also dedicate this time to reflect upon the injust military coup situation in Myanmar, Uyghur genocide in China, the Extra Judicial Killings in Philippines, the injustices against people of HongKong and Taiwan, nuclear armament and war threats in the Korean Peninsula, migrant distress, radical fundamentalism, bilological degradation due to aggressive industrialisation and all forms of oppression across the world and demand for PEACE!

We begin this New Year with great hope to strengthen and spread a strong message of Peace, inspired and motivated by the definition of ‘Ubuntu’ quoted by the very famous belated Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu “I am because We are”. And therefore ALL Forum invites you the readers to enlighten ourselves and worktogether in our own ways because we truly believe that Peace is Possible.