Action Amidst The Pandemic

Action Amidst The Pandemic

Summary of activities by Bangladesh Catholic Students Movement

Since December 2019, the world has been struck massively by the destructive COVID 19 viruses. This virus has been so deadly that the whole world has stand still in the last year. All the countries in the world have been more or less affected by the virus. Bangladesh has been victim to its grasp as well. The first COVID 19 patient was found on 8th March 2020, in Bangladesh. After that the situation got worse and the country fell under a lock down state.

Bangladesh Catholic Students’ Movement, commonly known as BCSM, also fell victim to the pandemic. The movement activities started to lose its pace. Even though the members were all willing to support during this crisis moment, the condition was not favorable. Falling to the effects of the Pandemic condition, the members thought on helping the people in need and also to keep the movement activities going on. To accelerate the working of the movement, many former members came into support as well.

The members of Khulna BCSM first took the initiative to support the families in distress. They gathered some financial aid from the local community and bought some regular household commodities like rice, pulse, soap, potato, onion etc. for the people in need. They distributed the support to more than 3500 people in the time period between April to August 2020. Inspired by the action of Khulna BCSM, other Diocesan BCSM Teams worked in their locality by supporting the people in need. All together more than 10000 people were supported by BCSM directly or indirectly during this pandemic time.

Also, it is worth mentioning here that, BCSM not only worked for the distressed people, but also worked for Mother Nature as well. Responding to the Call of the Holy Papa, Pope Francis, BCSM wanted to take more active part than before in care for the common home. During the onset of monsoon season BCSM planted more than 5000 trees in different parts of the country. Also, this activity is going to be a continuous process from now on. This initiative by BCSM was supported by many local people and thus the nature loving mentality among people has been boosted.
Besides this, meetings were held online and thus the activities of the movement was still on the run. Online photography competition on the World Environment Day 2020 was held for the BCSM members. The competition covered the sectors of Nature, human and humanity and 3Rs.

An Online Christian Leadership and Capacity Building Training was held via zoom app from 6 to 8 September 2020. The training was conducted by Caritas development institute. 45 participants from all over the country took part in this training.

Besides, an online Magazine and online newsletter was published prior to the activities conducted by the team.
Even though the pandemic has made the world slower than ever, BCSM had run its activities quite smoothly online. But we hope, this condition won’t prevail and we all will be able to see each other once again enjoying the company of all. Hoping to have better days in the upcoming future in a COVID 19 free world.