Sharing on the Online Course – Basic Theology on the Lay People in the World

Sharing on the Online Course – Basic Theology on the Lay People in the World

By Dwana Andrew

Grateful thanks to ALL Forum for giving me this opportunity to share a few words after joining this liberating session. Amazingly, my journey in this ALL Forum Online Course on Theology of The Laity has brought a profound revelation to me as a “sceptical” Catholic.

Over the years, I became very active in youth engagement in Catholic Church. The way I perceived my life incidents or the reality of my life is determined by the way how I received the teaching from the church. As time goes by, I started to look for more, the “magis”, and that is how the desire to know beyond what I have received in my life thus far, arose.

From this session, I have the conviction that laity is not a mere follower. Laities can and need to understand who we believe, what we believe, why we believe and why we are all important in the building of the church and her sustainability.

The role of the laity becomes important through times. It is Crucial for the Laity to get opportunities to contribute more in the church building; which involve in (not limited to) social structure, economic, knowledge, spirituality gender balance in church leadership and move together as an ecology. Laity too receive the sacrament of baptism (reborn/new again) and the charism (gift/talent) –Apostolic Activity; what does it make for me that I don’t serve as the people of God in the Kinship of God after all the graces that we receive from God.

I believe that laity can help the church in grounding to the reality faced by the people of God in their daily life. This session helped me to reflect on how I walk my faith into daily action; In relating to today’s context, how I make myself valid in the time of COVID-19, what I feel and how I can support others; To connect the church to see what is happening on the ground, the suffering of the people; To see how social justice can be brought in this situation. We have to know what is happening in the world so that our prayer of peace can be manifested for those who are underprivileged.

As the world is evolving, I believe that the laity plays a role to alert the church to always move and be sensitive to the signs of the time. The rise of Catholic Movements acknowledges that clergy & laities can go beyond together and the balance between contemplation and action, both are taking part from the clergy and laity.

After being exposed to a few documents from Vatican II Council & Church documents namely, Apostolic Activity, parecida, Gaudete et Exsultate, I feel that I am liberated as I have now understood how important it is for the laity to have knowledge about the church’ evolution through time, overcoming all the dark sides and staying stronger from time to time in this contemporary world. The reconciliation of clergy & laity surely will bring us to peace and holiness which is afterall a divine call to all of us.

Thank you once again to ALL Forum for organizing and to Dr. Kochurani Abraham for this session. I hope I can go deeper in this discipline