Synodality in Our Daily Life

By: Sunita Hammed

I’m writing this article with great pleasure and also Thank you for this opportunity.  I am thankful to ALL Forum who encourage me to write this article.  “Synodality as a concept really just means collegiality.  The theme of the Synod is Communion, Participation, Mission.

Fundamentally, synodality is about journeying together. This happens through listening to one another in order to hear what God is saying to all of us. It is realizing that the Holy Spirit can speak through anyone to help us walk forward together on our journey as the People of God.

Synodality is not a model, according to which the Church could be organized; it is the expression of the Church’s existence and mission grounded in the mystery of the divine life. Synodality is a way of life for every one and through it we can listen to each other and can-do dialogue in a better way. Few values of the synodality we can adapt in our daily life are as follow:

Synodality – Images:

Synodal virtues: faith, hope, love

Faith: When our relationships express our faith, we will be committed to each other on the journey, no matter how long or what difficulties may occur. This is because our faith is not just faith in one another and in the sacramental structures of the Church, but it is faith in God who is present and guides everyone who is a member of the community of faith. Faith is the courage to persevere, keeping our minds, hearts and wills always focused on and open to God.

Hope: This is one of the great gifts of the Holy Spirit. It fills us with creativity and opens new possibilities. Hope always allows us to begin again. It is not afraid of failure but, because it is always open to the future, which is God’s gift, it has the power to learn from failure and to grow in understanding.

Love: Love, as St Paul reminds us, is the greatest of the Spirit’s gifts because God is Love (1 Cor 13). When we are loved, we experience consolation and, when we love, we are ministers of Christ, the Consoler. This love has the power to overcome all hatred.

They are not only the paths of synodality, they are the paths of Christian life and mission.  Synodality is an essential need of the time for our life, Church and society. May God bless us to move forward in synodality and peace.



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