Situation amidst the Military Coup in Myanmar

Situation amidst the Military Coup in Myanmar

by Robert Mang, Lay Mission Institute, Myanmar

Greeting from Myanmar, I wish that everyone is in good health. You may know what is going on and taking place in our country. It is very hard to accept and live under the control of military coup.

The military has retained our leaders, Aung San Suu Kyi (State Counsellor), U Win Myint (President) and others who are working in special department since 1st February 2021. They did not recognize and accept the results of the election held in 8th November 2020. Due to that event, they have taken the power from our elected government and arrested all who are in government. As soon as they have taken such power, the internet was shut down, the people are filled with anxieties and all happiness are gone. We, people of Myanmar, did not accept the military coup at all. That is why, we are on strike in order to get Democracy back as soon as possible from the military. Another crooked move that the military performed on 12 February is that they released many criminal prisoners and asked them to rob, burn houses and make all sorts of threats and riot across Myanmar.

attribution: VOA Burmese, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In response to this, concerned about our safety and security and losing a sense of purpose for our future because of the military coup, every night at 8 p.m., we drum all sorts of instruments as a means of self-protection and alarming of the thieves, casting out of the evil spirit of those unjustly national power takers. Moreover, every night, we form ourselves watchmen for our own wards to protect our homes and our people from thieves, policemen and military because they go around at night and arrest leaders of demonstration and those involved in CDM (civil disobedience movement). The current situation is very serious and getting dangerous day by day. The People of Myanmar are in danger of death during the demonstrations because the police are using deadly weapons there. Up until now, many demonstrators have been arrested, around 16 demonstrators killed, some are already homeless due to the burning their houses from the military and many more are wounded and undergoing serious medical care.

In conclusion, we are helpless, insecure and no future anywhere. Let your voices be heard to others who haven’t known yet and support us with your powerful prayer.



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