Short reflection on the course of Interreligious Dialogue

Short reflection on the course of Interreligious Dialogue

by Br. Paul Won Keun ho, FMS

I asked myself “What have I learned from the course? Or what has changed in me?” First of all, I have learned more about the Muslim and the Christian relationship in terms of the Interrelgious dialogue. In Korea, we have very small numbers of the Muslim and we seldom hear about the news about them. It seems the conflict between the Christian and the Muslim is not our problem. That’s why, in the beginning of the course, I felt some distance or some kind of indifference about the conversation. However, as the Fr. Bagus taught us well and the participants from the other country shared their experiences with the Muslim, I have gained more knowledge and realized how serious this issue in the world and in Asia. The most interesting lessons for me are the last two sessions about Louis Massignon and ‘common word between us and you’. Maybe the information was new to me. I really appreciate the efforts of Louis Massignon and the Muslim scholars. I felt they really tried to understand other religions and to make an initiative to start the conversation.

Secondly, I would like to share the impact of the course on me. At the beginning, I was quite negative on the Interreligious Dialogue. I felt it seems those dialogues were already old fashioned or theologians were not interested on this topic anymore. Maybe it was because of my little knowledge. Through the course, I have learned more knowledge and new trends on the Interreligious Dialogue, then I become more positive about it. Especially when I learned about the other side of effort in the previous session, I become aware of those group of people from the Muslim who have tried their best to make an initiative on Interreligious dialogue. I am happy with this kind of movement from both side of the Catholic and the Muslim. Fr. Bagus also presented an example of those who see negatively in this document and I also felt they have some truths which I need to think about. However, I am more curious about the positive side and the efforts on Interreligious dialogue.

This course will end next week. There were times I felt bored and so tired to concentrate on the lecture of Fr. Bagus because of the late class hour and my insufficient English skills. However, as it is close to the end, I feel that I become more curious and also more interested in the topic and the classmates and of course our beloved teacher, Fr. Bagus. If there is a chance, I would like to see them in person. Thank you Fr. Bagus and the staff of this course. I am very thankful for giving me this opportunity of learning experience. Thank you very much.



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