Reflection: What do we need in order to practice Integral Ecology?

Reflection: What do we need in order to practice Integral Ecology?

By Susana Sitaresmi Kusuma Wardhani

Shallom Asian Lay Leaders Forum,

Recently, we are faced with one complex crisis in our world which is both social and enviromental. Actually, human development, peace and ecological issue is interconnected, we can not separated one from another and Laudato Si combines human development  and peace and ecology as integral ecology.

Environmental destruction by human beings always creates significant  economic discrepancy with the poor, we must understand that there is a relationship between “the cry of the earth” and “the cry of the poor people”. Therefore, it is very important for us to undertake development only by considering the true ecological approach and emphasizing on integral ecology.

In order to create this new model of development we need to focus on two key things. We must first focus on ecological community conversion. This conversion  calls us for a number of attitudes, gratitude and also feeling gratefulness towards GOD. The second one is to develop a sense of ecological spirituality or commitment which recognizes that “each creature reflects something of God and has a message to convey to us”. This is exactly what Pope Francis asks all of us Christians to recognize and to live fully this dimension of our conversion with an action plan, to start from something as little as a family, a church, parishes, school, college, health care, farms and province. Thank you



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