Fraternity and Solidarity in the time of COVID-19

Fraternity and Solidarity in the time of COVID-19

By Neilan D’souza

Covid-19 has been a good teacher in helping us realise the needs of the people. At the time of
serious lockdown, almost every daily wage worker lost employment- the only source of their income.
Some lost their homes, unable to afford to stay; many suffered without food and many more suffered
either from the Corona virus or other health conditions due to lack of access to medical & health

This pandemic situation made us realise that we are all the same regardless of our religion, culture,
customs whether rich or poor. The virus simply does not choose; it affected us all. It brought face to
face with some of the most basic questions in life. What are we here for? What have we done with
our lives? Who is truly important in our lives? What is it that we truly cherish? It connected us and
reminded us of who we are. It made us work together and build relationships with different
communities around us. It instilled kindness in our hearts to help one another and those who were

The Pandemic has also stressed to make us realise how our greed has affected all of creation on
earth. It has shown us the importance of recognizing the true purpose of all Institutions,
Organisations, Governments and all other systems i.e. to serve human needs and purposes. Not just
of individuals but of all societies and of our common home as articulated in our religious and cultural
aspirations. This Pandemic has showed us a glimpse of what would happen if we continued to ignore
to care for our common home.

In this second issue of our E-Newsletter we invite you to join us in experiencing the action carried out
by Networks and Partners of All Forum amidst the Corona virus pandemic



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