ALL Forum invites you to join our Webinar for Peace in East & South East Asia

ALL Forum invites you to join our Webinar for Peace in East & South East Asia

Conflict and oppression in the 21 st century has taken newer forms. Systems of Law, Order and Justice which were once the focal point for Nation building and prosperity have slowly evolved into oppressive mechanisms which control the liberty of fellow citizens in numerous ways.

In the light of such situations it is evident that we as Church must strongly participate in building peace for the world especially in Asia, inspired by the 1971 Synod of Bishops – ‘Justice in the World’ document (para 6), which says “Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel, or, in other words, of the Church’s mission for the redemption of the human race and its liberation from every oppressive situation.” 

Therefore, Asian Lay Leaders (ALL) Forum aspires to organize a one day webinar for peace in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Philippines, Korean Peninsula and the said region by commemorating the 50th anniversary of the important document ‘Justice in the World’, which requires the Church to be renewed and also reformed. It is so that we invite all the peace-loving people in Asia to understand deeply the situation unfolding in East and South East Asia and what role the Laity and Church must play in order to promote peace and justice


Join us on November 20, 2021 (Saturday) 5:00-8:00 pm Philippines time (GMT+8).
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ALL Forum Successfully Completed its Online Course on Major Documents of Pope Francis for Indonesian Participants

ALL Forum Successfully Completed its Online Course on Major Documents of Pope Francis for Indonesian Participants

The Online Couse by ALL Forum with the topic ‘Major Documents of Pope Francis’ lead by Dr.Paul Hwang and organised specially for Indonesian participants came to an end after 4 interesting and informative sessions. We had started in the first session in the 1st week of July with ‘Evangeli Gaudium’, the 2nd week with second session on ‘Laudato Si ‘, the third week’s session on ‘Gaudete et Exsultate’ and concluded with the 4th week’s session on ‘Fratelli Tutti’.

All in all it was an inspiring and informative session with around 145 participants who joined us multiple times during the 4 session course. Due to the high volume of interested participants who joined in this course, ALL Forum had to divide the participants into two groups (batches), which made it more effective for the learners to participate in discussions during the course.

What made this course more easier for the Indonesian particpants was the inclusion of Language Interpreters during the course. Since English is not a popular vernacular in Indonesia, introducing language interpreters to interpret the session from English to Bahasa Indonesia immensely helped the learners understand the material of the course better.

The recorded lectures of the entire 4 part course is readily available on our own YouTube Channel and the resource material on our website (Archive/Files section) which can be visited anytime for informative purposes and reference. We invite our readers to make use of these readily available resources.

Starting next week ALL Forum will be organising two more weeks of Online Course with the topic
‘Basic Understanding of Church Teachings’ covering areas such as “God and Faith”, Document of Vatican II on Divine Revelation (the Bible, Dei Verbum), “Incarnation and Trinity”, and “Pascal Mystery” .

ALL Forum’s Online Courses 2020-2021

ALL Forum’s Online Courses 2020-2021 :

On CST’s and Theology

It’s been more than a year since the Corona virus began to spread across the world. People who never imagined it would last that long are getting tired and contributing to the increasing number of confirmed cases by being a little passive or sometimes violating the “Social Distancing” norms. Religious circles including Christianity in Asia had temporarily suspended various religious services including Mass and Sacraments in cooperation with the governments’ emergency measures. Then they resumed the services and meetings after the situation was a bit better but it depended totally on the Corona pandemic situation.

Since many people including scientists and medical experts ave predicted that the pandemic won’t have gone easy and rather last longer than a year with ups and downs in degree, ALL Forum had to decide to focus more on online courses on basic theology, spirituality, and CSTs including major documents of Vatican II and Papal documents, especially from Pope Francis.

ALL Forum has several online courses out of the subjects mentioned right above for the young ones from partner organizations and also for young people from other organizations and networks in connection with ALL Forum. The longer and deeper they learn from the online courses, the better they could relate/apply to their struggles in daily life in Asia. We aim to provide “basic” Church teachings combined with current and urgent problems in real life of people especially the poor in Asia, as not many lay organizations have a concern about the necessity of basic knowledge of the church and the CSTs, especially on Vatican II and Pope Francis, as well as relevant theologies and spirituality together with socio-economic and cultural realities for young ones in Asia. At this moment, there are two ongoing courses, which has been start from November 2020 and will be finish on January 2021, joining by 38 participants from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Once the Young begin to find that the theologies, CSTs, and spirituality can be related to their daily life interestingly and easily, then they would be excited to learn more. Such connectivity is important, but what we must not forget is the fact that the young are very much thirsty about faith “seeking understanding and feeling (of God)”. It might not be easy to make them realize that faith in God has both personal and social dimensions at the same time. Therefore, participants need to first feel deeply and strongly why believing in God makes them happy, joyful, and meaningful in their concrete lives.

Click this link for video sharing of some participants on the ongoing courses of ALL Forum: