ALL Forum Successfully Completed Moving School Indonesia 2022 & Online Course for MAP

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, ALL Forum had to bring all of its physical programs to a stand still; ending with Moving School in Vietnam back in February of 2020. But now, Finally after 2 years ALL Forum was successful in organising its week long physical program called Moving School in Bogor, Jakarta, Indonesia. Moving School Indonesia 2022 was a great success, this time it was based on the theme “Synodal Church for Interreligious and Intercultural Citizenship in Indonesia”, held during 17th to 22nd July. We kicked off on the 17th with the opening ceremony held in the evening, post dinner and Introduced ALL Forum and our Moving School Program, Our internal policies including child safeguarding, the rundown of activities and exposure sites. On day 2 we set off for immersion by dividing ourselves into four learning groups and visited the following organisations and spots to engage with them and spend time learning how they function in society.

Morning prayer before start the program.

Morning prayer before start the program.

The first learning group visited Pesantren As-Salam Kampung Ingris, in Gunung Geulis; This Pesantren is indeed special, it is not only a place for religion study, but also international and modern style teaching. Although it is a Pesantran which is run by Muslims the land on which it was build and the fund including its construction was contributed by a Christian family. This place shares deep interreligious harmony and is quite important to learn more about them. The second learning group visited The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) & the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; AMAN is a Non-profit organization that focuses on women and peace. AMAN has been a pioneer in peace education for women at the grassroots, conducting community organizing through women’s groups and conducting national and international advocacy related to Women, Peace and Security.

Fr. Heru Prakosa is delivering lecture in Moving School Indonesia 2022

Fr. Heru Prakosa is delivering lecture in Moving School Indonesia 2022 

The group that visited AMAN also visited Ahmadiyya Muslim Community a revivalist movement in Islam, emphasizing the basic teachings of peace, love, justice and the sanctity of life. The third learning group visited the Indonesian Parliamentary Concerned Community Forum (FORMAPPI) which is a non-profit organization that highlights the performance of parliamentary institutions in Indonesia. FORMAPPI was founded in March 2001 with a background of concern over the development of the parliament (DPR/MPR) which tends to be arbitrary and so dominant over other political institutions. The fourth learning group visited the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) which was born in the midst of the reformation turmoil in 1998. It was fronted by several YLBHI activists. ICW stands with the belief that corruption must be eradicated because corruption has impoverished and undermined justice.

Some if participants with the children from Pesantren Assalam

Some 0f participants with the children from Pesantren As-Salam

The following days after exposure we had a series of five workshops; the 36 participants found the workshops very enriching because of the matters that were discussed. The First session was on “Dialogue with Muslim for promoting Intercultural Spirituality and Citizenship in Indonesia and Asia” by Fr. Heru Prakosa; The second by Ms. Ruby Kholifah from AMAN on “Working for Women’s Rights or Gender Justice Interreligiously in Indonesia and Asia. On the second day Mr. Lucius Karus, FORMAPPI lead the opening session on “Role of Catholic Youth Movements for Democratization in Indonesia Inter-religiously” followed by “Why the gap between the rich and the poor becomes polemic: Empowering Youth and Civil Groups including FABs for a Better World?” by Mr. Daniel Awigra from HRWG. And on the final day Dr.Paul Hwang on “Synodal Church or Synodality in the Final Document and the Papal Exhortation Querida Amazonia for the Better Church & World in Asia”. The program concluded with an enriching cultural night where all the participants showcased their talents and culture in various forms like dance, theatre, poetry, comedy and other forms.

Participants with their own traditional wear before culture night.

Participants with their own traditional wear before culture night.

On a similar note ALL Forum concluded its online course for MAP – Pakistan on Synodality with a special discussion session. The discussion session was very fruitful and we were able to understand various perspectives on Synodality emerging from Pakistan. You can catch up on all sessions of Synodality Online Course on our Youtube Channel.*



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