ALL Forum Online Course for Pemuda Katolik – Indonesia

ALL Forum successfully completed 4 sessions of Online Course for members of Pemuda Katolik in Indonesia. The Online Course was lead by Fr.Heru Prakosa SJ with the main theme “Promoting Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue for Common Good: A Challenge for Catholic Youths in the Indonesian Context. Week wise we dealt with ‘Youth extremism’ in the first session, ‘Globalization and the role of media’ in the second session, ‘Significance of Interreligious education’ during the third session and ‘Challenges and opportunities: Indonesian youths and citizenship’ in the last session.

Every week around 25 participants actively joined and spent an effective 50 minutes of Lecture which was followed by 30-40 minutes of open forum for discussion. During the second and third session Globalization and the role of media and ‘Significance of Interreligious education’, two Muslim guest responders Nugroho Noto Susanto and Kyai Ahmad Suaedy were invited to participate and share their views so that we could enrich our learning experiences. The participants found this format more interesting and useful as they were able to directly ask their concerns and discuss with Nugroho Noto Susanto and Kyai Ahmad Suaedy followed by their 30 minutes of sharing. All recordings of the Online Course can be found on Youtube Channel @ALL Forum Asian Lay Leaders. The reading material can also be found in the Archive section of our website. Please subscribe to stay updated and connected with ALL Forum.*



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